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on of rural cons▓umption market as part of the country's accelerating measures to boost consumption.The ▓Yarlung Zangpo's dramatic course creates the world's longest and deepest canyon in Tibet.I had read a lot about the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon in Nyingchi prefectur

e▓ - regarded as the world's longest and deepest, stretching 496 km and averaging more than 5,000 m in depth - and longed for a chance to see i▓t. I got to fulfill my dream last September, while a▓ssigned to work in the Tibet autonomous region's tourism bureau.The Yarlung Zangbo River runs e▓astwards along the northern foothills of the Himalayas. Th▓e lower reaches of the river cut through the mounta▓in range before making a sharp U-turn around Namjagbarwa Peak in Pai, Namling county, in eastern Tibet - the starting point of the Grand Canyon.My friends and I head for Nyingchi,

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which lies 400 km to the east of Lhasa. From there, we cl▓imb Mt Serkyimla, at an altitude of 4,702 m and reach the town of Pailong. The Tibetans with a population of 5,416,021 mostly live in the Tibet Autonomous Region. There are also Tibe

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tan communities in Qinghai, Gansu, Sic▓huan and Yunnan provinces. NEW Y▓ORK - Many processed foods contain t▓oo much salt, and sauces, spreads, and processed meats are the top offenders, new research shows.People who consume lots of salt are mo

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re likely to see their blood pressure rise as they get older, with a corresponding increase in their heart disease risk.Public health officials are increasingly looking to the food industry for help in cuttin▓g people's salt intake; the United Kin


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▓gdom and France, for example, have been able to achieve significant reductions in salt consumption through industry▓ collaborations, while New York City▓ has just launched a campaign to cut US salt intake by 2▓5 percent over the next five years.Si

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milar ▓efforts are now underway in Australia, and some companies have begun to reduce the salt content o▓f some of their products, according ▓to Dr. Jacqueline L. Webster and colleagues ▓from the George Institute for International Health in Sydney,

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Australia.To help guide such efforts, the researc▓hers gathered data on the sodium content of 7,221 products in 10 food groups, 33 categories, and 90 subcategories.According to a report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, f▓oods were co

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nsidered to be high in sodium if they co▓ntained more than 500 milligrams of▓ sodium for every 100 grams, while foods with sodium contents below 120 milligrams of sodium for every 100 grams were classified as low sodium▓.The researchers found dramat

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ic variation in salt content▓ within certain food categories. For example, the saltiest type of hard cheese had six times more sodium than the least salty type, while t▓here was a 14-fold difference in salt content within the sliced meat category a

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nd a▓ 100-fold difference within the frozen potato product▓ category.Sauces and spreads, at 1,283 mg per 1▓00 g, and processed meats, at 846 mg per 100 g▓, were the categories with the highest a▓verage sodium content.LOS ANGELE 鈥揗ovie flops ar▓en't

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